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TVADSWORK joins the Silver Marketing Association

TVADSWORK, the full-service Hampshire based media agency, are proud to have joined the Silver Marketing Association. As a member, we look forward to working with a trusted network of other like-minded companies, who, like us, are passionate about ethical marketing campaigns to the older demographic.

The Silver Marketing Association aims to ensure that people in the UK aged over 60 are recognised as a diverse group and are better understood and represented by marketers.

At TVADSWORK we have extensive experience marketing to older people within the television space, most recently in Q4 of 2023 with Doro, the Swedish tech company who makes technology accessible for seniors by developing products and services specifically adapted to seniors' needs.

TVADSWORK created, developed, produced, booked and delivered their inaugural TV campaign in the UK, over achieving on their KPIs.

Our team understands the unique preferences of the mature demographic, their interests and behaviours as well as the considerations needed to maximise viewer response. We use this knowledge to deliver impactful campaigns that drive results and foster meaningful connections.

The Silver Market

There are now more people in the UK aged over 60 than there are under 18. The number of over 65s is the largest it has ever been at 11 million – almost one in five of the population.

This growing sector is highly influential. Today’s over-60s are a diverse bunch. Some are still in employment, some are starting new businesses, some are in different stages of retirement; but they are more adventurous, more tech-savvy, and more financially aware than previous generations. They spend money on leisure and travel, on hobbies, gadgets and health care.

ITV & The Silver Marketing Association Fund

Excitingly, ITV and Silver Marketing Association have partnered to create a significant new fund to give new and lapsed TV brands, with campaigns aiming to engage over-55s, the opportunity to benefit from TV advertising to grow their business.

Based on a substantial like-for-like value incentive, brands can experience the effectiveness of advertising on ITV at a much lower cost.

At TVADSWORK we are perfectly placed to assist brands in securing this significant fund. For more information on how you can access this opportunity, contact

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