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Our own TV commercial - as seen on SKY & ITV.

'Don't be a Bob!'


and affordable

Only big brands use TV advertising, right? WRONG!

TV commercials are both an affordable and cost effective option for all businesses, whether large or small and irrespective of who they're trying to target. Don’t believe us?


Well, hopefully these facts will help convince you:

Across 2021, a total of 1,286 new brands advertised on TV, including companies like Manscaped, Swyft and Ionos. This is an increase on 2020 of 3%

In terms of investment, 830 (31%) of all advertisers spent less than £50k on their TV advertising across 2021 and 1,433 (54%) spent less than £250k. At the other end of the spectrum, 268 (10%) spent £5m+.

REACH and connect with your audience

Television is rocket fuel for brands. It is irreplaceable and nothing waiting in the wings can do what TV does. Whether in the short term or the long, it delivers the most profit at the greatest cost-efficiency and for the lowest risk. Every major study into advertising effectiveness – including those commissioned by competing media – agrees that TV outperforms all others.

unbeatable scale & reach

TV is enormous, accounting for 38% of the average person’s media day, according to IPA Touchpoints 2020.

The Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board’s (BARB) rigorous measurement of TV shows that:

  • The average viewer in the UK watches a total of 3 hours, 22 minutes of Broadcaster TV a day

  • The average person watched 35.5 minutes of SVOD a day

  • 68% of adults watch 50+ linear TV ads a day

  • BVOD can help reach lighter linear viewers: 60% of BVOD viewing generated by the lightest half of linear viewers

TV viewers have never had it better

TV delivers 71% of total advertising-generated profit over 3 years despite TV currently commanding 54% of average advertising budget.

 $100bn is spent on high quality, professionally produced video content by the US networks, SVOD players and UK broadcasters combined

69.7% of main TV screens are 40” or bigger

83.6% have access to broadcaster VOD on TV set

TV: the only facts you neeD

  • Broadcaster TV accounts for 58% of our video day

  • In total, TV ads are seen 2.2 billion times in the UK every day  

  • 65% of adults watch over 50 linear ads a week 

  • The average adult spends 29% of the 'chosen' media day watching TV

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