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TVADSWORK - Detailed Insight With Our Campaign X-Ray


There's Nothing Else Like It

TV advertising is worth over £5 billion in the UK. It’s a high-tech business that is constantly innovating to beat competition from the likes of YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Advertisers are continually looking for ways to plan, target, and measure the effectiveness of TV campaigns and help optimise their media spend across and within channels.

TVADSWORK gives every brand and business a huge advantage by offering a bespoke and unique Campaign X-Ray.

Quite simply, there’s nothing quite like it to give companies the information needed to build the best possible TV commercial campaign.


Your Secret Weapon

You probably want to know how much the campaign has cost them, who they’re targeting, and how many people their advert impacts. Well, we can tell you all of that and a lot more.

A TVADSWORK Campaign X-Ray will become your secret weapon!

In summary, knowing exactly what competitors are doing will help us make critical decisions and plan powerful and impactful campaigns.

And we’ve formed partnerships with major media organisations and broadcasters to build a system of advanced marketing planning, targeting, and measurement techniques.


The First Step

For many, it’s the very first step of the process, overturning every stone to understand the market, customer base, and, importantly, what key competitors are up to.

And when it comes to the competition, we can tell you exactly what they’ve been doing on TV, right down to their spend, target audience, USP, campaign duration, and broadcaster.

And it’s ALL in real-time with no delays or latency.

So, think of your biggest rival right now – the one that you’ve been seeing on TV recently.


Expose Your Competitors

And that means we can plan more effectively, reach more relevant audiences, and understand the impact of a campaign by quantifying how the investment translates into real value.

There’s a lot to unpack here, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information about a TVADSWORK Campaign X-Ray or any other part of the TV commercial process.

The TVADSWORK Campaign X-Ray. Your competitors - exposed!

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