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Better World Video Award Winners

Updated: Mar 20

We are delighted to announce that our sister company, Orange Planet Pictures. has been announced as the winner of the MPB Geographical Better World Video Award for the film Broken: The Brick Kiln Donkeys of Egypt.

The awards, run by Geographical Magazine were open to entries which showcased the people and projects that make the world a better place.

Hundreds of inspirational films were submitted, all sharing a solution to a range of global issues, from biodiversity loss to community resilience.

The scores of films were then shortlisted to 50 with 20,000 Geographical readers then voting for their favourite.

Our award winning entry - Broken: The brick kiln donkeys of Egypt

In October 2023, Orange Planet Pictures and TVADSWORK Director, Andrew Telling embarked on a journey to the AL Gisa desert in Egypt with actor and animal activist Peter Egan and the UK charity, Safe Haven 4 Donkeys. The charity work to provide treatment to injured and unwell donkeys and to offer education and support for their owners.

In Egypt, donkeys are used to transport the clay bricks used in building construction. Many face long hours of labour and mistreatment.

Of the film, Andrew said: "When Peter Egan and I witnessed the incomprehensible abuse endured by the Egyptian brick kiln donkeys, we realised the critical importance of the work undertaken by Safe Haven 4 Donkeys and their Egyptian partners.

Right before our eyes, we saw them bring a donkey back to life – it was breathtaking to witness the process. From lying immobile on the ground to standing on its feet and grazing in a small patch of grass within a matter of hours.

We decided to enter the Geographical Awards with the hope of sharing our experiences and demonstrating how these lives can be saved through acts of compassion.

Orange Planet Pictures is a not-for-profit production company with the sole purpose of creating films like Broken, raising awareness among a wider audience in the hope that people can recognise how dedication and kindness can save the lives of animals subjected to abuse and mistreatment at the hands of humans.

This award is fantastic, not just for Peter and myself, but for Andy, Heather, Wendy, and everyone at Safe Haven 4 Donkeys, as well as Eslam Yassin, Dr. Shabaan Fayez, and their dedicated teams who are on the ground at the Egyptian kilns every single day. And, of course, for every donkey currently being whipped and beaten under the scorching Egyptian sun.

None of them will be forgotten as long and charities like Safe Haven 4 Donkeys exist.

The prize

The prize included a £500 voucher for MPB, the global platform for buying and selling used photo and video kit, and £1,000 to be donated to a charity of choice, which of course has been given to Safe Haven 4 Donkeys.

About Orange Planet Pictures, our sister company

Founded by our Creative Director, Andrew Telling, Orange Planet Pictures was created to shed light on conservation and animal welfare issues around the world. So far, he has helped to expose the abuse of Asian elephants kept to entertain tourists in Thailand; the desperate situation of Asiatic black bears at bear bile farms in China and Vietnam; and the ongoing battle against rhino poaching in South Africa. 

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