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Sky AdSmart from TVADSWORK

Sky Adsmart from TVADSWORK

Sky AdSmart from TVADSWORK has helped thousands of businesses across the UK to access the unrivalled power of TV advertising. AdSmart allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to benefit from the most trusted and effective way to advertise – reaching the right audience, in world class content, for a lot less than you might think

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Thought TV advertising was out of your reach? Think again. SKY AdSmart has turned traditional thinking on its head – making the unrivalled power of TV advertising relevant and affordable for almost any business.

SKY AdSmart allows you to access millions of Sky and Virgin homes, selecting your ideal audience and location; meaning you can be sure only the right households see your ad, in great content, and you only pay when it’s been seen.

We even use it too, so have a watch of our own AdSmart campaign.


TV advertising works when your ad appears in content that viewers love. Whatever our viewers choose to watch from the vast array of content available on over 140 channels on the Sky & Virgin platforms you can be sure that it matters to them, and that means your brand will appear full screen in brand safe, world class content.

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The beauty of AdSmart from Sky is that you can select the exact audience you want to reach, and your ads only play out when they’re watching. So, you can be sure every ad has impact and every penny counts.

Sky AdSmart from TVADSWORK - Vehicle Ownership
Sky AdSmart from TVADSWORK - Technology Adoption
Sky AdSmart from TVADSWORK - Moving Home
Sky AdSmart from TVADSWORK - Home
Sky AdSmart from TVADSWORK - FMCG Purchases
Sky AdSmart from TVADSWORK - Category Purchase
Sky AdSmart from TVADSWORK - Decision Makers
Sky AdSmart from TVADSWORK - Experian Household Date
Sky AdSmart from TVADSWORK - Financial
Sky AdSmart from TVADSWORK - Demographics

Through a combination of Sky’s own data and third-party providers you can select which type of households will see your TV campaign. So you know it’s relevant and you’re not paying for households that won’t buy your product or service. You can see the 10 broad categories you can tap into above. We can also help you identify attributes that mean they’re more likely to buy your product from our research insights (for example, did you know people who have recently moved house are more than twice as likely to be in market for a new car).

Other good examples might be the importance of home ownership for a replacement window company or the age of children in the home for a theme park or leisure venue.



Advertising your business with AdSmart means you can reach just the households that matter to you – making TV affordable and accessible for almost any business. And with Sky’s world class data we can report your campaign results in the detail you need

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Once you have selected the right type of household, you can add the specific location(s) that matter to your business. You can of course target nationally, but more often than not businesses use one of the three location options below.

Sky Adsmart from TVADSWORK - Regio


Choose to have your ad played out in a region or Local Authority of your choice

Sky Adsmart from TVADSWORK - Geotargeting


You can be more precise and decide to play your ad in households from certain postcodes. Choose from postcode areas, sectors and/or districts

Sky Adsmart from TVADSWORK - Post Code


Define a catchment area by radius, box, drive time from your business, or delivery/service area



“It allows you to create that national, big-brand identity in a very targeted way...for (the audience) you are a big business on TV, and AdSmart allows you to create that at a household level.“

Liz McNamara, Marketing Manager, Get The Label


“We had never done TV advertising before and were pleasantly surprised at how we could target the right customers, in the right locations and only pay once our ad was viewed. We will definitely be working with AdSmart from Sky in the future.“

David Yates, CEO SWIC telecommunications, technology and innovation

“Our TV ad reached the perfect audience and based on the excellent results from our first campaign we are very excited to be planning our next campaign with AdSmart.“

Patrick and Sarah Saunders, Joint Managing Directors Black Shuck Gin

“We are delighted with the results from this campaign and believe it to be a fantastic platform for a smaller higher education institution like ourselves who want to target national audiences without large amounts of wastage.“

Simon Smith, Marketing Officer University of Suffolk

“We chose to use AdSmart because it allows us to deliver a high impact, dynamic and engaging execution, in a very tightly geo-demographically targeted manner…that’s more of an immersive experience than you would get in a digital online environment.“

Jonathan Pollock, MD, Europe McLaren Automotive

“Since starting the campaign, we are now fully booked until the end of the summer school holidays and our bookings for the 2020/21 season are well ahead of where we were this time last year.“

Tony Sweeney, Owner/Director Short Stay Homes

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AdSmart makes advertising on TV more affordable than you might think. Advertise on TV from as little as



Only pay for your ad when it’s been viewed by your audience for at least


Unlike other platforms, if it’s only played for a few seconds you won’t pay. And you can be sure your ad is being seen by a real person, at full screen.



AdSmart’s world class evaluation capabilities means we can measure your campaign, so you know it’s working.


Using the world’s largest viewing panel, we’ll provide comprehensive campaign reporting


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