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Rare market opportunity to sponsor Channel Islands Weather

The weather is a topic of conversation that we talk about for more than 6 months of our lives. It is a subject that affects our daily lives and the majority of decisions that we make.

Previous sponsors of ITV Weather have used this to totally transform their business. You too have opportunity to own the direct conversation with the community, creating a relationship with the presenters and friendly faces of local weather.

The ITV Channel Islands Weather provides a communication platform in the Channel Islands that is unsurpassed in terms of scale and reach, delivering a trusted and informative service across the Channel Islands every week.

At TVADSWORK we have the knowledge and knowhow to create a turnkey TV sponsorship solution. From planning to delivery, script to screen. We will look after everything from creative to legal and book, develop and deliver your campaign.

If you would like more information on this unique opportunity, get in touch now!

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