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TVADSWORK Campaign Over Delivery

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

As an advertising agency we are constantly telling clients why TV is so brilliant at creating success for brands of all sizes, both instantly and in the longer term.

We are passionate about dispelling the myth that TV is only for the big players. TV is for everyone with a solution for every brand, every budget and every target audience. In 2021, nearly a third of all advertisers spent under £50k with only 5% spending above £10million.

Why advertise on TV?

In 2021, Redwood Advertising and Orange Planet Pictures united to share knowledge and knowhow and create a turnkey TV advertising solution called TVADSWORK.

Specialists in media buying & planning for TV advertising, out of home, radio, and press and multi-award-winning film production, specialising in all aspects of film and TV with decades of experience, we wanted to generate awareness of our new name, increase market share and engage new clients.

The Creative Solution

Creative Director, Andrew Telling was behind the creative development of the 30 second ad campaign - #DontBeABob.

Bob has a company who sells the 'best thing ever'. He's been told that he should advertise on TV, but believes that it will be expensive and complicated so ignores the advice - if only he had heard of TVADSWORK..........

The Media Plan

We identified that there were no other advertising agencies on TV in May 2023. We're always promoting the benefits so it felt only right that we should practice what we preach.

We ran a two week campaign in early May 2023, running across the Sky Sports and BT Sports channels.

The Results

Our Media Director, Karen Brar and her team, secured an amazing over-delivery of nearly 5x the value:

Booked Airtime Cost


Total Airtime Delivery


Added Value


The schedule attained 9.66 TVRs with 1+ reach of 5.40% @ 1.79 OTS

The campaign resulted in:

  • 16 x 30 minute intro to TV meetings

  • 600% increase in website traffic

  • 3 x new clients currently on air

  • 4 x creative concepts in process for a Q4 campaign

Cost Per Lead


Cost Per Acquisition


The total cost of our airtime campaign was covered by one new client's airtime spend for one month.

Reach and Frequency

Channel Impacts

Are you missing out on customers? Don't be a Bob and find out more...

We offer a free 30 minute, no obligation intro meeting to discuss all things TV.

For more information, or to book contact

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