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Love Island success boosts younger audience viewing figures

For the first time in 3 years, Love Island is returning to our Winter schedule. ITV’s reality dating show will be hitting our screens on Monday 16th January, aka Blue Monday - coined as the most depressing day of the year. A new batch of singletons will be heading to South Africa in search of their perfect match. Airing on ITV2, it will also be available to stream via the newly rebranded ITVX.

(Image: ITV)

The ‘Marmite’ of TV viewing, love it or hate it; it’s undeniable that Love Island is the biggest show across the prized 16-34 demographic. So much so, that the last series in Summer 2022 became the most-watched series ever on ITV Hub, amassing over 269 streams and record-breaking viewing figures.

The popularity of the reality show is hard to miss. Whilst the show might not be ‘your type on paper’, its success is hard to downplay and there is no doubt that the show will be everywhere over the next 6-8 weeks. Social Media, TV and Press is certain to be awash with the latest gossip and drama from the islanders on the search for romance and love.

Over the past 8 series, Love Island has partnered with businesses across all sectors including, clothing, cosmetics, travel, food and drink and technology. Brands are capitalising on the show’s popularity and are eager to be associated with it. Viewers are ‘loyal’ to the programme; they are engaged and devouring all the content that is put in front of them.

We are very much split in the TVADSWORK office on who loves and who hates it - I’m very much team love it; for me, it’s a guilty pleasure and escapism away from the hum drum of normal life. There is even a Love Island dedicated Whatsapp group amongst my group of 40-something friends! Whilst we might not be 'on the same page' in the office when it comes to watching, what we can agree on is that if you want mass reach across a younger audience then Love Island should be an essential part of your marketing plans.

At TVADSWORK, we have access to discounted sponsorship rates direct from ITV and an exclusive incentive for brands to buy into Love Island with 6 second ads.

Do you want to target the hard-to-reach 16-34 year old market? This is your chance!

Will you be watching?

  • Yes, TV is already booked!

  • No, absolutely not!

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